Analytics & CRO

Web analytics is a powerful tool to assess the efficiency of your site and site promotion campaigns. Our experts will perfect your internet marketing strategy by analysing the site and improving its structure and contents for better conversion rates. It will raise the quality of visits to the site and reduce bounce rates. We will analyse the users' behaviour and decide on the best solutions to better conversion. Our team knows exactly how to encourage your visitors to do what you want them to do.

To optimize conversion, we use the following methods:

Complete company analysis

On-page testing

Conversion Goals setting

A/B Split Testing

Existing traffic sources improvement

Analytics & CRO

Conversion Rate Optimization Test refers to the different types of testing methodologies used in the CRO to identify the best possible version of a certain ecommerce site. The best possible version of an ecommerce site is the one that brings in the most valuable traffic.

This traffic can later be converted into leads generated from the ecommerce website. The process of improving this conversion rate is called conversion rate optimization. Both of these definitions are interlinked with each other.

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